How we help

The supporting measures of our foundation are principally performed fast,direct and without a lot of bureaucratic effort. The Help in Motion foundation is and will be politically independent at all times.

Our activities can be classified in two categories: tasks we perform in Germany (as we are a German organization) and giving humanitarian aid to people in need in developing countries.

We support - within our means - people that through no fault of their own are in need. Our aid is available within 24 hours and without a lot of bureaucratic effort.

Apart from our domestic purposes our work is geared to the needs of developing countries. In which countries we will become active will be decided collaboratively with the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. At the moment we consider Ghana and Mozambique.

Our foundation will not provide any charitable services in countries, where the basic principles of democracy are not a rule. We are not willing to pay bribes to corrupt politicians or policemen.