Medical help in developing countries

We drive in convoy – existing of a mobile hospital, a sleeping truck and an escort vehicle for the camera crew – to those regions that were selected by our staff, the local departments of health and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development in a demand analysis. In advance consent is to be obtained also from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the regional administration, the respective council of elders, the mayor and the medicine men. At each stop we provide free medical examinations and first care, e.g. in the areas of gynecology, dental medicine, ophthalmology and general medicine. A surgery for minor operations is also possible. Upon consulting with the respective ministry of health the medical and technical equipment of the mobile hospital will match the specific needs of each country. In African countries for example, HIV testing and consulting will be an inherent part of our activities, but always integrated in the existing Anti-HIV programs.

In all of our activities we emphasize constructive cooperation with the existing health care system, meaning local hospitals, doctors, nurses and medical faculties of the resident universities. At best our mobile hospital will be staffed to a great extent with local doctors. In that way we want to ensure the sustainability of our activities. Also the support and approval of the local population is a very important element of our services and is included in the whole planning process of a project. We do not want to appear as strangers or missionaries.