Social supporting measures

Furthermore we become active upon the input of communities, social institutions, and other charitable foundations. We cooperate with social services departments and youth welfare offices in Bavaria, an active exchange on special cases is also planned with hospitals. In addition we receive suggestions on individual cases from the M√ľnchner Tafel and from all the supporters of Help in Motion.

All requests will be recorded and examined by our staff. For this purpose we will visit the people concerned at home, in order to evaluate the situation and needs. A precast check list has to be filled out by our visiting staff member. Possibly we need to ask for further certificates and information to estimate the situation realistically. The executive board decides whom Help in Motion can help and with what measures.

Unfortunately Help in Motion cannot help in all cases. We select due to our knowledge and possibilities. The Idea is to support people, who suffered a stroke of fate and are in an emergency situation, with medical, therapeutical, social or other supporting measures. Help in Motion does not offer financial support.