The bodies

The foundation exists of two bodies: the executive board, which implements orders, and the board of trustees, which controls the activities. All the members of both boards work in an honorary capacity.

 The executive board and the business executive conduct business, manage the foundation’s estate, and make sure, that the functions of the foundation are implemented as effectively as possible. The executive board exists of not more than five members, which were appointed by the founder. New members will be voted on the board by the executive board. Their appointment requires the approval of the board of trustees.

The board of trustees will be appointed before the formation of the foundation and will meet twice a year in order to control the trustworthy spending of money, especially for the public eye. Members of the board of trustees are welcome to further engage in activities of our foundation.

The business executive and the deputy will be appointed by the executive board and conduct business and correspondences. It is the duty of the business executive, to make sure that the interests of the foundation are preserved and that the funds are employed according to the statutes. The business executive functions full-time.