For informational purposes we provide sufficient content on our website. Our office maintains an open-door policy. That means we welcome unannounced visitors in our premises at conventional office hours and make time to provide insight into our activities and further information. We install cameras on our trucks. The live content of our work will be available on the website.


The organizational phase as well as our staff on tour and each singular measure is accompanied by a camera crew. Thus a documentary report is created that accompanies our foundation and its activities. From this footage we produce an ongoing web-documentary and short films on each project for our homepage. We also use popular social media like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. An episodical TV-documentary is planned also. Several TV stations are interested.

On the one hand this documentary creates awareness in the public on the other hand our activities stay transparent at all times. If we make a profit with the production, it will go to 100% into the foundation.