Help in Motion Foundation

The German Help in Motion foundation is seated in Munich and builds mobile hospitals that offer free medical trearment for the needy in developing countries. The first convoy is to be sent to Africa in 2013.

We do not forget our people at home. In Germany we support - within our means - people that through no fault of their own are in need.

Helping moves!

The concept of our foundation is based on this slogan. Never stopping but always being in motion – with the purpose to help people in need. This attitude motivates our work. But also the joy of helping others is a driving force behind all the activities of Help in Motion and defines our personal attitude as well as the daily routine.

Opening eyes!

With the work of our foundation we experience things that are greater than our familiar way of life. By watching the documentary report, that covers all of Help in Motion’s activities, everybody can share this uplifting feeling. It is our intention to open more people’s eyes with our work and the documentary report about it – opening eyes on how lucky we can be to live in Europe and how well most of us are off. We want to draw attention to our own privileges and the misfortune of others, hoping that this insight will move more people to become socially committed. 

Help in Motion Trucks